Business hosting

Business hosting

Rouen Normandy Creation is made up of six poles spread over the territory of the METROPOLE, including three specialized poles (Eco technologies, digital, and health) and two generalist sites.

Seine Biopolis is located in the center of Rouen Health Innovation, the tertiary and technological district dedicated to activities in the health sector and its university hospital campus.

Seine Créapolis

Seine Creapolis is a generalist pole, located in Deville-les-Rouen. After the rehabilitation of the building, the pole was created in 2006 and became the first pole of the future RNC network.

Seine Creapolis Sud

Seine Creapolis Sud joined the network in 2015. This generalist pole offers an ideal environment for the development of companies.

Seine Ecopolis is the pole of companies working in eco-construction. Seine Ecopolis is located at the Rouen Madrillet Innovation, district dedicated to science and engineering professions in the sector of ecological transition.

Seine Innopolis

Seine Innopolis is the pole dedicated to digital and communication technologies. Seine Innopolis is a major player in the territory for the development of digital companies.